• Aric Blacktree

    Aric Blacktree

    A gentleman, dressed in fine, silken attire. Money flows from him like a river.
  • Commander Berg Henson

    Commander Berg Henson

    His Voice Commands Even the Seas to Split.
  • Kaeporath Hareth

    Kaeporath Hareth

    A tall slender Kalashtar who uses a crystal ball that he telekinetically levitates to see into his opponents minds and control their thoughts.
  • Nadarr Tanerax (deceased)

    Nadarr Tanerax (deceased)

    A towering Dragonborn with a morningstar in one hand and the holy symbol of Dol Durn around his neck.
  • Tarrix Sar'van

    Tarrix Sar'van

    An established information broker for the Flock of Ravens. "Need some info...It'll cost yah."
  • The Lord of Blades

    The Lord of Blades

    "Follow me and I will bring you salvation. Follow me and I will free you from the tyrany of man. We will show them that we are not made to serve anyone."