Nadarr Tanerax (deceased)

A towering Dragonborn with a morningstar in one hand and the holy symbol of Dol Durn around his neck.


Family: His grandfather, Vedinar, fled Argonnessen with his family. He was led by an avatar of Dol Durn, god of skill and battle, to a small temple called the “Church of Steel” (On Khorvaire, fairly close to where the frontlines of this battle will eventually be). The Church welcomed them with open arms, and the family has been strong worshipers ever since.

Nadarr is trained as a battle-priest– he rushes into the fray with prayers on his lips and a morningstar in both hands. He believes devoutly in the teachings of Dol Dorn, believing that he must become stronger and more powerful to follow in his god’s commands. In battle he is level-headed and focused, channeling energy into his strikes. Out of battle he tends to be loud-mouthed, occasionally even boisterous, but he recognizes rank and experience. Has a soft spot for drinking matches, tests of strength.

(NOTE) Nadarr fell in battle to mutated horrible four-armed two-mouthed goblins. He will be missed.

Nadarr Tanerax (deceased)

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