Big Trouble in the City of Towers

Your Precense is Requested
On Behalf of Aric Blacktree

To the noble heroes and their families.

It is upon gratitude that I request your attendance on this day.

It has been four years since that dreadful, now known to us all as the Day of Mourning. I, Aric Blacktree, son of the Merchant Darvin Blacktree, invite you to join my family and close relatives in a ceremony of rememberance. We have prepared dining of the finest quality for you and the other guests.

Transportation will be granted to you, at my expense of course. If you so chose, you may stay at my place of residence, or I can provide you with the funds to stay at any location within the city of Sharn. Send me any bill, and I will see to it that it gets paid.

I do hope you chose to attend, but I will understand if you do not.

Signed and Dated,

Aric Blacktree

10 Olarune 998K


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