Big Trouble in the City of Towers

The Sharn Inquisitive: 21 Olarune 998K

If all news travels fast, then we make it travel lightning rail fast.

City News

The Day of Mourning Comes Again?

Every year, after the Mourning struck the heart of Khorvaire, Lord Aric Blacktree has taken it upon himself to hold more than a moment of silence for those that fall to its evil power.

“If it were not for those brave soldiers, fighting to ensure my safety, I would not be here today. Someone has to show their respect for the dead. If not I, then who?” said Lord Aric Blacktree, Appointed Mayor of the Middle Towers.

Fight or Flight…Or Both!

Morgrave University Reexamines Its Foundation!

Late in the afternoon yesterday, the grounds of the esteemed Morgrave University shook with tremors of fear. Just below them in the Lower City, inside of an abandoned warforged manufacturing facility, devices that appeared to be explosives were uncovered.

The warforged manufacturing facility belonged to the Blacktree family and was shut down a year before the the uprising of the Lord of Blades. It was believed that the Blacktree family may have had something to do with rogue circuitry that caused the uprising. Claims were dropped on account of lack of evidence.

Authorities have shut off all access to this facility and are looking for four shady individuals fleeing the scene of the crime. Not much is known about the incident, and it seems that any witnesses that may have been present are choosing to remain silent or have been silenced by these would be assassins.

The Journey Man’s Section

Top 10 Vacationing Spots

Sight for a Sore Eye

Sporting Events

Sharn’s Arrogant Ace Trumphs the Competition!

Adventureers Wanted

Morgrave University Wants YOU!

Tired of those dead end jobs that lead to nothing but kruthiks and damaged equipment?



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