Feradeth "the Wrathful"

A hot-headed Valenar elf with a few bones to pick with fate and who refuses to die again.


Str 16 Con 16 Dex 15 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 13

HP 37 AC 16 Fort 17 Ref 14 Will 13


Born of a clanless elven couple during a season of war, the young Feradeth was brought to the home of Ruavelesti, the youngest Deathless and warrior trainer of the Valenar. Choosing a halberd over the many scimitars and other more traditional weapons, only his master could see the talent burning in him. Rather than shaping him entirely, Ruavelesti decided to send the young elf on his way, to fight his own battles and develop his unique style.

In battle Feradeth is fierce and vengeful, earning him his title of “Wrathful” for delivering retribution two-fold. Off the battlefield the elf gives off a stalwart air, a tangible sense of his determination. He prefers bluntness to subtlety, is quick to form bonds with his comrades in arms and slow to acknowledge political power without ‘real’ strength behind it.

After the Mourning Feradeth traveled with his few surviving companions to escort the freed prisoner home. The shock of the event faded and the thought arose that his homeland might be no more. He bid his friends farewell and set off to cross or pass the Mournland. After a great deal of travel he eventually found a ship sailing around the mist to the other side of Korvaire. Taking this ship, Feradeth returned to his hometown and to visit his master.

Almost two years after the Mourning, Feradeth charged into battle with many of his kin in for one of the many border skirmishes at the edge of Valenar. He fought until victory before finally collapsing from his wounds and dying. Ruavelesti demanded a pardon from the Deathless so that his destiny could continue to unfold, but was refused as the right to become undying had not yet been earned. Taking his body in secret, Ruavelesti brought his pupil back from the dead and cast him from Valenar, not to return until he was a force worth his master’s betrayal.

Fleeing Valenar, Feradeth cast aside his name and took on his nickname Wrath as his name. Heading north, Wrath found himself a home in the land of Karnath where he has lived as a mercenary for the past two years.

Feradeth "the Wrathful"

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