Tristan Sybast

The daring, swashbuckling fop with a face (and hat) for every occasion. Often finical, sometimes brash, but -always- dashing!


“Tristan” is one of this changeling’s many names, but he shall be referred to as such for convenience’s sake. Posessing a number of potential faces, “Tristan” is just the latest of his primary identities, or at the very least the one that has the most legal paperwork attached to it. The incident with Cyre gutted much of Tristan’s contact network. He has never quite recovered his former leverage.

Tristan is allegedly the scion of the Sybast family, a small-but-successful Brelish mercantile house that specializes in the all number of vaguely-defined trades. Tristan ensures that his dealings attract little attention by ensuring that his “house” has paperwork befitting whatever trade he needs to reference at the time.

House Sybast undertakes a number of significantly boring enterprises, so as to remain below radar. In truth, what exists of this phantom merchant house are merely a bunch of trumped up false clients and trade papers, falsified family pedigrees going back three generations, and a vacant building in a backwater town that passes as a place of business in emergencies. When forced into business, Tristan attempts to tie the deal up in negotiations, or else pull in favors from known contacts to help him fulfill services he can’t actually provide.

Tristan is famously a prodigal. After his brother Walter’s death in the war, Tristan seemingly descended into a perpetual sabbatical. Forever claiming to be on a combined business/pleasure trip, Tristan can go anywhere and mingle with high types. So far, he gets by on the sheer audacity of his lies, and his almost supernatural silver tongue.

In truth, the farce is nearing its end. Tristan is nearly broke. He has been unable to prop up his failing network of contacts, and only maintains the appearance of opulence. In a year or two more, possibly less, he will be a pauper.

Why Tristan does not assume a fresh identity and seek legitimate money isn’t clear, even to the few who know who he really is. The simple truth is that Tristan has put his original life behind him and is desperately attempting to salvage the tatters of his current identity. Ever on the lookout, Tristan is constantly running away from something.

What that “something” is remains to be seen.

Tristan Sybast

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